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Kidney Month

Streaming Giveaway

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This charity is close to my heart, as I am Dialysis patient, Kidney recipient and a Grantee from the American Kidney Fund.

This month only

Your donation will be matched 2X, up to $37,000!

  • During March 2021 there will be 1 Giveaway per week . You will have a chance to win a $20 Amazon Digital Gift Card when enter the marble game.

  • To get your name on the wheel during my Twitch stream, you must donate a minimum of $1 to play ONE Grand Prix.  To DONATE  push the button below.

  •  You are playing the game Marbles on Stream, the Grand Prix consists of 6 random races.  Whoever comes in 1st place wins the Grand Prix  can have your name on the Wheel twice and only twice.   Once for Donating & once for winning.  Even if you donated and played during the same week.

  • You can only have your name on the wheel once per week.

  • If you win a $20 Amazon Digital Gift Card you will no longer be eligible for another chance to win during March of 2021.

  • The winner will be chosen if my wheel of chance lands on your name.  I will spin the wheel once and once only on Saturdays 3/6 - 3/13 - 3/20 - 3/27 

Good Luck

All donations are Tax deductible & nonrefundable 


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