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I Play for​ people with Kidney Disease


I'm a streamer who games online to try to help raise money for people with kidney disease. I know all too well how this affects your mind, body, and pocket on a day-to-day basis at all stages of kidney disease.  All opinions ~ experiences ~ thoughts ~ feelings etc. that I share with you are all mine. Whatever I have to say, I won't candy coat.


While on dialysis, tethered to a machine for 3 days a week, 5 hours a day for 7 1/2 years, I felt, at the age of 39, I was just existing and not living.

With the amazing help and support from my husband, family, friends, surgeons, doctors, nurses, dialysis tech's,  EMT's, I'm still here today.  They said I was strong but I felt weak and small. They all helped carry me through those rough days, months, & years.  Not everyone is as lucky as me, some are alone in this fight.

I created this website to do what I can to help people like myself who have Kidney Disease.  Money is NOT the only way you can donate and I will post as many ways I know how to give without reaching in your pocket.  I post what I find interesting.  I'm a Dialysis patient, Kidney recipient, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Artist, Gamer, Streamer.

I'm passionate about doing what I can for Kidney patients and I'll stream dollar-by-dollar if I have to.

I am continuously finding new avenues of information that I will share with you. If you have anything you would like to bring to my attention hit me up below.


 AKA Shmoops

About Me
(shortest way possible)

2005 diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes & IGNORED it ~ 2007 diagnosed (HBP) High Blood Pressure & IGNORED it ~ 2009 diagnosed Chronic Kidney Disease ~  2010 (age 39) Dialysis - March 16 2017 I received a kidney from a registered donor.

Now I pay attention


For everyone I love in my life

 I fight everyday!

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Featured at the
The Hope Affair
October 19, 2022


Forever creating

I am one person trying to make a dent in the world of kidney disease. Still working on the site, adding information all the time.  



If  you have questions, ideas, ect. or just want to say HI, fill out the Contact form and click Submit.

Hit me up

Thanks for taking the time to contact me!


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